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VIVA's Oasis

Kuwait, April 30th، 2012: Stemming from its strong belief in the importance of protecting the environment and as part of its commitment towards society, VIVA, Kuwait's newest and most advanced mobile telecommunications service provider, announced that it will sponsor VIVA Oasis, a project that aims at planting more than 3000 trees of Buckthorn and Willow in Nuwaiseeb Desert, South of Kuwait.


Kuwait Oasis team, a group of young Kuwaitis affiliated with the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF), will implement the project that will take three weeks to complete. This organization is in charge of environmental affairs in Kuwait and seeks to transform the country into a Green Oasis.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Badran, VIVA's Chief Executive Officer, said: "VIVA's strategy aims at protecting the environment and natural resources and promoting a culture of environmental awareness. In support of our strategy, we decided to sponsor the projectthat aims at planting 3000 Buckthorn and Willow trees with the help of more than 20 volunteers and workers. These trees will be distributed along 14 lines of 250 meters in length, covering a total area of 6 square kilometers".

"When we examined the project, we realized the tremendous benefits it will generate for the environment of Kuwait. Trees help maintain environmental balance by attracting migrating birds, breaking the wind, reducing dust, fostering wild animals such as the Fennec fox, and providing food and water to cattle", added Al-Badran.


Mr. Khaled Al Kulaib, founder of Kuwait Oasis initiative expressed his appreciation and gratitude to VIVA for sponsoring this project and stated: "VIVA's sponsorship and support reflect its continued commitment towards society and keenness on protecting natural resources. We hope to see the community's various segments, and not only businesses, be more aware and interested in the environment we live in".

Al Kulaib pointed out that VIVA Oasis is equipped with drip irrigation systems. Used for one year only, these systems will be removed after tree roots are established and start reaching natural water.

This is not the first time VIVA provides its endorsement to a similar initiative in Kuwait. Earlier this year, VIVA sponsored the first environmental initiative ever to be launched in the country back in February. Under this initiative, many activities and programs were organized to help raise awareness in the importance of protecting the environment within the local community.

VIVA's sponsorship of this initiative is part of its social responsibility program to help generate more interest and awareness among the public, which will lead to the protection of natural resources and our environment

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