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Kuwait Energy partners with Kuwait Oasis Team

Kuwait Energy partners with Kuwait Oasis Team in the country’s largest voluntary environmental initiative, the “Kuwait Green Wall”


●     Kuwait Energy will also introduce the initiative in countries it operates in, to pave the way for a possible replication in more countries

●     The “Kuwait Green Wall” is a 10-year project that will plant 315,000 trees on a stretch of 420 kilometers around Kuwait


Kuwait, October 6, 2012: Kuwait Energy, one of the fastest growing Middle Eastern independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, has today extended its support to the Kuwait Oasis Team in Kuwait’s largest voluntary environmental initiative. “The Kuwait Green Wall” project aims to plant 315,000 trees on a stretch of 420 kilometers on the borders of the country in a call to implement effective solutions to the rising environmental and climate issues. 

Planned over a ten-year period and with a triple-layer of trees, the “Kuwait Green Wall” is set to help manage climate change and raise awareness in the society about the importance of controlling rising temperatures, pollution, and the preservation of the ecosystem, as well as encourage a country-wide contribution to plant three rows of trees covering the southern and northern Kuwaiti borders.

Kuwait Energy Chief Executive Officer, Sara Akbar, said, “The Kuwait Green Wall initiative promises to bring positive impact to Kuwait’s environment. Planting as many as a tree a day will make immense change years ahead. It is time for us in Kuwait to take action.

“We at Kuwait Energy are committed to the cause and to contributing in raising awareness in Kuwait about environmental challenges that have multiplied over the last two decades. We look forward to renewing our partnership in the years to come.”

Kuwait Energy has also offered to expose the Kuwait Oasis Team and its initiative to other countries where it operates in order to pave the path for possible replication of the Green Wall.

The Kuwait Oasis Team is a non-profit organization that stems from the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF), a non-government organization licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs. The Team also received full backing from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior to fulfill the project.

Throughout the lifetime of the program, the Kuwait Oasis Team will measure all environmental variables and indicators and compare them at different stages including the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity, rainfall, birds’ migratory patterns and other valuable data. Data will be gathered through state of the art Environmental Data Stations.

 Kuwait Energy, which operates in eight countries namely: Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and Pakistan, is an active supporter of social initiatives and programs within local communities, with a focus on countries where it operates. The company invests and supports programs that target education, health, small businesses, women’s initiatives, environmental initiatives and organizes supplies distribution to the underprivileged.